How Do You Build and Retain Work Relationships?

The only way to survive and move up the corporate ladder is by building healthy work relationships. Nevertheless, with mounting pressure at the office, managers and business owners seem not to be aware of it. So how do you make it possible? Author Elizabeth Harrin shares what Credible Leaders founder Michael Tanner thinks would build and retain work relationships.

Steps to Healthy Work Relationships

Tanner explained that you must have five points in mind while building or maintaining work relationships. Here are the guidelines:


Understand which relationships are important to you personally and professionally. All stakeholders will not be supportive. However, you must do your best for the sake of project and business goals. Analyze how to navigate through the ups and downs of your work relationships.


Your actions should be deliberate. Having a project meeting together is not enough. Encourage informal talks while passing by stakeholders’ desks. Invite for a coffee break for some light-hearted conversation.

Genuinely Interested

Do not just talk about the project. It might seem that you are conversing only for the sake of the project. Instead, have a genuine curiosity for the people. Ask about family, favorite memories, or their next trip destination. Start by sharing your life experience to prevent sounding too pushy. Maintain the right balance so that they continue to support you as a colleague.

Being Humane

To err is human, as they say. You do not have to be perfect always or pose a tough exterior that can handle any situation. But, surprisingly, sharing your fears and worries with your teams can help you sustain better work relationships.

Maintaining the Rhythm

Relationships do not survive if you talk more during projects and do not otherwise find time for a message. Work relationships take time to build like any other relationships. So, you must be more consistent and stay in touch even when working on a different project.

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