How to Check Indoor Ventilation in Reopened Offices

Many organizations are reopening offices against health experts’ advice. When you are indoors, you are breathing some of the exhaled air of your coworker. If the person has any disease, there is a high probability you will contract it in closed spaces. So, how do you find out if the air quality is not infectious? In this Verge Science video, Nicole Wetsman talks about using CO2 monitor to find out about indoor ventilation standards. University of Colorodo Boulder professor Jose-Luis Jimenez remarks that you might breathe exhaled air when you speak to someone standing close to you or if you work in areas with poor or no ventilation. Usually, outside air has a minimum of 400 ppm of CO2, but indoors the lower limit should be 700 ppm. Higher results indicate more infectious air conditions. Watch to know more.

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