Is Automation the Future of Cybersecurity?

Organizations across all industries recognize the necessity of implementing automation in their security infrastructure. However, introducing the infrastructure may be easier said than done. Automation is more than just turning simple human tasks into machine processes. So, how can business professionals save time and protect their assets from cybersecurity automation? This article at CIO Insights discusses the security tasks that organizations must automate to match cybersecurity threats.

What Should You Automate?

Risk Scoring

Compare threat intelligence, link analysis, and other contextual data against customized criteria to generate a risk score. Then, automate assigning an incident to the appropriate analyst with the right level of priority.

Scanning and Monitoring

“Using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to handle low-cognitive functions such as scanning, monitoring, and low-level incident response should be the first thing you automate,” says the author. Additionally, automate repetitive cybersecurity tasks that are simple and time-consuming. For example, automate the processes responsible for extracting and aggregating data, performing basic threat search, and detection.

Blocking Users

One of the significant benefits of automation is that it acts faster than a human analyst and limits the incident’s damage. Automation can disable the users’ privileges if they are involved in an incident. For example, a user’s account can be flagged for suspicious activity if the IT team notices logging in at unusual hours or attempting to access sensitive systems. Instantly disabling the account provides organizations with a better opportunity to prevent data breach incidents.

Task Reminders and Notifications

Automation is not merely limited to making actions faster. You can use automation to bring coordination between people and processes that make up your security team. For example, automated notifications will remind security analysts of tasks that are yet to be completed or approaching deadlines.

Like any other tool, implement automation with careful consideration. Automation undoubtedly brings value to your security team. However, the amount of value is absolutely dependent on how well you match it to your existing security infrastructure and organizational procedures. To read the original article, click on https://www.cioinsight.com/it-management/7-security-tasks-to-automate-to-match-cybersecurity-threats.html.

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