It’s Time to Empower Your CISOs. Learn Why

With targeted attacks increasing every day, implementing the right security measures and following the best practices is critical. Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) play an increasingly crucial role in an organization’s strategy and well-being. An empowered CISO is an asset for the enterprise. So, how to empower CISOs? In this article at Information Age, Aaron Hurst shares some practical ways to empower their CISOs to excel in their position.

Recommendations for Empowering CISOs

Allocate Sufficient Resources

A study conducted by Bloomberg Intelligence (BI) indicated that the global spending on cybersecurity could reach $200 billion a year by 2024, highlighting the importance of IT security. Organizations must provide CISOs with adequate resources and budget to introduce programs that engrain good cybersecurity within the organization’s culture. Furthermore, boards must create opportunities for collaboration between CISOs and other executives to explore cyber-preparedness.

Promote Customer Engagement

Clients often want to know how safe their information is with the vendor organizations. CISOs are the best individuals to answer. The level of expertise that they share with clients will undoubtedly help maintain the customers’ trust. The responsibilities undertaken by CISOs will help in upholding brand reputation, enabling business growth.

Encourage Training Programs

CISOs can go one step ahead of merely putting up and managing firewalls to protect the company. CISOs can train and build awareness programs that can help develop strong security culture throughout the business. Constant training also creates a culture throughout the organization that champions good cybersecurity.

Take Proactive Stance on Cybersecurity

Today’s business landscape is highly reliant on digital methods. This makes cybersecurity more important than ever in achieving organizational goals. Modern CISOs contribute to the business by developing strategies that identify and mitigate potential risks along the way. Organizations must take a proactive stance on cybersecurity without waiting to be attacked.

CISOs now have the opportunity to interact directly with the board and demonstrate their value to the organization. To read the original article, click on https://www.information-age.com/how-empower-chief-information-security-officer-ciso-123494868/.

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