ITSM Transformation—From Remote Working to Anywhere

Work from home has changed business and IT operations. The conventional IT service management teams have adapted automated tools to serve their target consumers better. The remote workforce has at-home working facilities and IT support to work from anywhere. In this article at ITSM.tools, Stephen Mann explains how IT service teams are incorporating a hybrid working model to suffice the needs of employees.

Need for a Swift Transition

Certainly, the work from anywhere (WFA) model is influencing service desk capabilities. Safety tops the list of concerns revolving around the transition. In early 2020, ITSM teams pushed their limits to address queries of the remote workforce. Nonetheless, about one-third of remote employees suffered long wait to get solutions while almost two-third faced technical disruptions. To prepare the IT service team for hybrid working, organizations must train resources to make swift transitions.

Remote Requirements

Do not forget the fact that the ITSM agents are also working from home at present. They might start working from anywhere soon to offer improved IT support. Organizations must acknowledge the key components required for smooth operations of the IT service desk in WFA. From the necessary ITSM tools to decrease human efforts to improved task allocation of skilled resources, your service desk’s operational and infrastructure ecosystem needs a facelift.

Organizations must evaluate the impact of WFA on their IT support teams. From automation to remote assistance, ITSM teams need motivation to WFA. Meanwhile, employees need technology to maintain productivity.

Automated Recovery

Be it on a personal or professional front, people have high expectations from digital workflows. Therefore, anticipations of IT service provisions are equally high. The support employees aim to deliver quality services by optimizing advanced technologies. Automation is the need of the hour to augment the service desk’s capabilities. Indeed, a wide range of changes is necessary to sustain the practical IT service desk support for employees working from anywhere. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://itsm.tools/service-desk-wfa-era/

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