Leadership Toxicity: Powerful Ways to Fight Back

When it comes to leadership, the discussion is often about what makes a good leader or how a leader can be effective at the workplace. However, many people fail to acknowledge one of the biggest ailments employees suffer from—toxic leadership. In this article at Fast Company, Amy C. Edmondson and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic explain some powerful ways organizations can encourage employees to fight back against toxic leadership.

How to Handle Toxic Work Environment?

Many employees find it hard to deal with a toxic workplace. When every decision seems like a wrong decision and every step feels like a pitfall, its impact on employees can be devastating. Here are a few ways in which organizations can help employees handle a toxic work environment.

Carefully Select Leaders

Several studies have reported that toxic leaders corrupt cultures and thrive on exploiting the fears of others. “If organizations spend more time carefully vetting leaders on qualities such as integrity, humility, and altruism, they would dramatically reduce the frequency of workplace incivility and counterproductive work behaviors,” explain the authors.

Offer Platforms for Reporting

Organizations must put in place the tools and processes to make anonymous reporting while causing no risk to employees. This can help companies document and register offenses and protect the workforce from toxic leaders.

Incentivize Those Who Speak Up

Most workers do not display moral courage and risk their careers by speaking up. Therefore, enterprises must protect their employees and even offer incentives to help improve the organizational culture from the bottom up.

Take Action

If retaining talented employees is your priority, consider their well-being seriously. Investigate, coach, and counsel the toxic leaders for their unprofessional behaviors. Hold them accountable for inappropriate professional mannerisms and take action against offenders.

Cultivating workplace relationships is a critical factor in career growth. When employees stop caring about their companies, they also care less about their customers, impacting business growth. To read the original article, click on https://www.fastcompany.com/90629085/5-ways-organizations-can-encourage-employees-to-fight-back-against-toxic-leadership.

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