Practical COVID-19 Lessons CIOs Have Learned So Far

CIOs recently learned some hard practical COVID-19 lessons. First, they understood that the disaster recovery plan and the business continuity roadmap are two different things. Next, while the former is a temporary solution, they did not have a long-ranging pandemic in mind. In this article at CIO Insight, Susan Gosselin shares practical COVID-19 lessons CIOs have learned so far.

COVID-19 Lessons to Learn From

The 2020 Mercer study conveys that 51 percent of organizations did not have any business continuity plan for a pandemic-related disaster. So, CIOs had to learn it the hard way. Here are the COVID-19 lessons IT leaders have discovered in the past few days:

WFH Setup

Retail employees and field workers hardly have a desk job. However, organizations had to change their business model overnight by taking their services online. This meant providing a WFH setup to each of the employees to cater to customers. While reintegrating workers to online services was cumbersome, enterprises found new ways to serve their customers, like home delivery models.

Employee Well-Being

All organizations had essential workers that had to come to the office. However, no system was in place to track and monitor their health. Companies even had to ensure that they abided by regulations like data privacy law. Tackling this challenge was one of the top COVID-19 lessons IT leaders learned.

Resource Management

Numerous employees were unable to come to work because of lockdown restrictions or sickness. Temporary or provisional workers were not prepared to tackle the crisis because they were not skilled or equipped to handle the sudden work overload.

Remodeled Infrastructure

Setting up contactless scanners, cashless payment gateways, etc., reduced the chances of contamination. But was that enough? COVID-19 lessons taught the IT leaders that they also have to restructure their office spaces to help staff maintain social distancing.

Vendor Reprioritization

Vendors’ support is essential when you have to remodel your offices and modify in-house software to enable remote work. You have to revisit and negotiate contractual agreements with them. It is necessary to discuss additional resources and ask if they also have a contingency plan for support continuity.

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