Project Kick-Off: Great Way to Save Your Projects

Have you ever been in the middle of a project and paused in confusion about the project’s vision? Starting a project without a kick-off is like setting on a trip without any plans. A good project kick-off helps project managers make important decisions without wasting valuable hours, money, and face-to-face client time. In this article at The Digital Project Manager, Ben Aston explains how to run an internal project kick-off.

Why is Project Kick-Off Crucial?

Project kick-offs are the intial meetings between the project team members and possibly the client or stakeholders after the statement of work is finalized. This meeting provides a project manager with a chance to set expectations and foster team morale. Additionally, project kick-off meetings are an opportunity to orient the team to work at hand and establish common project goals and check-ins.

How to Prepare?

A well-executed project kick-off meeting hselps the team stay organized, on task, and track to success. Structuring your meeting agenda depends on the project. However, there are key elements that you must include:


Create a platform for your team members to interact. “Whether your team is made up of freelancers or agency team members that have worked together on previous projects, starting with an icebreaker or some chit-chat will help the team get to know each other,” says Aston. Allow them to speak about their background, roles, and share fun facts about themselves.

The Project Background

Discuss what is involved in the project and whether or not everyone is on the same page. This includes:

Project scope: Detailed description of project deliverables and the work they need to accomplish.Project timeline: An overview of what is expected to be delivered and when.Deliverables: The actual items you will send to your customer or client.

The Purpose of Execution

Help your teams understand why they are doing the project. Share how the project helps drive the client’s business and ensure clarity about what success or failure looks like.

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