Project Managers Must Adopt Agile or Become Obsolete

In a linear approach, a project managers’ role requires a balance of command and control to achieve results. However, the agile methodology promotes a more facilitative mindset for the managers. With the agile mindset becoming a standard norm, traditional project management tools, including the Gantt chart, are unnecessary. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Jeff Gothelf provides insights into how embracing agile can transform project managers into rational advisers. It allows managers to seize control and turn into a gatekeeper.

Constant Learning

Despite their sizes, most organizations are embracing agile practices. Managers focus on results more than productivity to sustain the balance between emerging technologies and customer preferences. The agile methodology encourages makeovers to stay relevant to the present economic and social conditions. Here are how project managers can imbibe it:

Understand the Purpose

Even after participating in corporate training or reading books on agile, you cannot inspire your team to adopt an agile mindset. To change their thinking, you must thoroughly understand your organization’s goal by embracing a flexible approach to work. Then, define its purpose and outcome to the team to showcase the ability of agile in accomplishing results.

Review Success

Earlier, a project manager’s success was reliant on the budget and time of project deliverables. However, an agile project manager’s success depends on the duration of a project lifecycle. Cycle time is the reflection of the project team’s efficiency to learn and adapt. Therefore, strive to observe the market fluctuation to improve your decisions and keep the project on track.

Review and Revise

Experimentation is significant to agile transformation. To navigate responsibilities, agile project managers initiate innovative ideas and evaluate the tools used by teams. Agile promotes openness to take risks. It can nurture your capability to find a solution to refine work while saving time and resources. Indeed, you must adapt to new developments or risk becoming obsolete.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://hbr.org/2021/05/how-project-managers-can-stay-relevant-in-agile-organizations

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