Strategic Leadership: Route to Overcome the Crisis

The turbulent 2020 has inspired most organizations and leadership teams to revive their digital priorities and work culture. Nonetheless, the tragedy is gripping more countries and their economy. To survive the emerging challenges, leaders must adopt agile and innovative practices. In this article at MIT Sloan, Meredith Somers suggests some great ideas for strategic leadership to survive such disruptions.

Signs of Warning

According to a recent global survey of over 4,000 executives, business and IT leaders are not ready to face the digital storm. Barely 9 percent of respondents have confidence in their leader’s skills and exposure to survive the digital economy.

Leaders must acquire knowledge of the ongoing business arrangements and encourage their teams to thrive in their assigned jobs. Help them appreciate and imbibe the automated ecosystem. Leaders are not only liable to achieve long-term success but also find a way to recover losses while empowering teams to blend with the digital ecosystem.

Modest Mindset

Closely observe these necessary mindsets to absorb and pass on to your teams. Leaders must embrace these agile approaches to maintain balance in the digital storm:

A producer mindset is crucial to embrace technology-savvy operations by accelerating speed. It enables you to invent customer-oriented programs within the diameter of disciplined and informed decision-making.An investor mindset has a sense of purpose to derive business growth but without affecting the environment.A connector mindset is essential to nurture human rapport.The explorer mindset promotes innovation and experiment. Thereby, such organizations hire and retain resources that are captivating and open to trying, testing, and repeating their ideas.

By developing these remarkable mindsets, leaders can transform their team members into “talent magnets.” Furthermore, embrace mistakes and be open to taking risks. Have faith in your team members because they admire you for a reason. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://mitsloan.mit.edu/ideas-made-to-matter/strategic-leadership-digital-economy

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