Support Mechanism for Improved Employee Connection

Virtual meetings have replaced one-on-one interactions right from the beginning of the global lockdown. However, there is a constant risk of disconnect among newly appointed employees. In this article at Gartner, Mary Baker suggests great ideas to create employee bonding without virtual meetings. It is the responsibility of leaders to explore agile options to support employees working from distributed locations.

The Pre-Pandemic Scenario

Before the crisis, organizations used to hold regular virtual meetings with their remote employees to develop a healthy relationship with in-house resources. However, a year down the line, employers are gearing up to adopt hybrid working models. A majority of employees suffer meeting fatigue. As an alternative to the virtual calls, employers can offer improved employee connection by following these three ideas:

Meaningful Interactions

Jot down a list of essential takeaways from your regular meetings. Pass on the information to the people not critical to be a part of the discussion. Keep meetings to the point and incorporate simple procedures to achieve success. Save the last couple of minutes to exchange opinions. Offer advanced audio and video platforms for better interaction.

Right Tool Selection

Employee relationships depend a lot on communication channels. For instance, a remote workforce using Microsoft Teams can save, record, and replay the meetings later to clarify thoughts and exchange ideas. Additionally, instant chats are ideal for frequent queries and informal talks.

Tailored Approach

Organizations planning to adopt a hybrid working model must prioritize investing in a reliable solution that can sustain lasting employee connections. For instance, you can offer a virtual content-sharing tool to facilitate team feedback and workflow. Furthermore, find ways for agile and honest employee relationships within the virtual working model. It includes virtual mentorship, coaching, and helping to imbibe a wide range of professional skills.

Enterprises exploring the right solution to overcome post-pandemic challenges will soon place themselves in the right market position. Evolved digital workplace is the need of the hour to survive the global crisis.

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