Tech Leaders, Seek These 5 Habits in Developers

As a tech leader, you may come across resumes of two developers who come from identical backgrounds and skills—frameworks, platforms, methodologies, languages, and industries. You may find them practically to be the same person—on paper. However, both are not equal when you compare their success metrics. The roadmap to success for a developer is not just limited to technical skills. This article at Forbes discusses the helpful habits that IT leaders value among their team members.

Habits that Tech Leaders Value

Understanding the Needs of Business

Tech leaders often look for programmers who understand that codes drive businesses. Leaders believe that developers who continuously listen to the business needs are the best fit for an organization. Listening and learning will help deliver the best outcomes while supporting the companies to make profits.

Effective Communication

Communication is the key to an organization’s success. Top-performing developers stay curious, ask the right questions, and provide creative solutions. ”They collaborate well with product owners and their teams and are highly engaged in understanding the business aspects to leverage their tech skills to deliver long-term value,” says the author.

Ready for Change

Successful developers are open to change and incorporate emerging technologies without fear of failure. Tech leaders value and take note of such initiatives. Continuously learning the new trends, upgrading their skills, and applying them to work drive business growth.

Solution-Oriented Approach

Successful developers always set clear goals. Likewise, tech leaders appreciate programmers who take an outcome-based approach.

Focus on Right Things

Top developers focus on the right things. Their sound experience, judgment, and ability to identify the right priorities while dealing with a project make them lead the teams and deliver the best business results.

To read the original article, click on https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2021/05/05/tech-leaders-share-12-helpful-habits-of-top-performing-developers/?sh=202a6a4b7d41.

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