True Benefits of IT Self-Service with Automation

You have a robust IT self-service system in place, and you have also been using automation to fast-track ticket resolution. But is that all you can leverage from this new technology? Are your IT service team and employees satisfied with such limited perks? In this article at ITSM.tools, Stephen Mann shares how you can utilize the synergy between IT self-service and automation.

Automation and IT Self-service

Do you want Amazon-grade IT self-service for your stakeholders? Though you have agents that recommend customers, how many use the internal systems to resolve issues? Every worker has individual requirements, and none of the corporate IT self-service desk agents can cater to it. They have not come up to speed with the internal demands yet.

Remediation of Current Failures

According to a recent 1E research, staff find it easier to call up a help desk agent than go through the hassles of IT self-service chatbots. Reports from Service Desk Institute (SDI) also revealed that less than 12 percent of companies received expected returns from IT self-service investment. The disappointing outcomes were because there were hardly any takers. The 2020 IE report further stated that three-fourth of staff had to wait for weeks and months for a solution. Every third person observed that the resolution period increased when they worked from home.

Things have improved since the SDI report. Organizations have realized that they must work on employee experience to increase productivity. Staff must not feel the need to call up the service desk but trust that they will get faster solutions from IT self-service portals.

Automation, machine learning, and other emerging technologies should enable employees to have a better service to improve engagement rate. They should be able to get resolutions without taking additional help from the service desk. The chatbots must pick up data for diagnostic purposes and provide solution options. This should be available to service desk agents to resolve issues without setting aside time for training.

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