Use ITIL’s CDS to Cope with New Normal Work Demands

Most employees are working from home for over a year, so the policies applied to employees are not highly applicable or recommended. ITIL’s CDS—Create, Deliver, and Support—has components that align with the flexibility and adaptability required for today’s pandemic-ridden businesses. In this article at AXELOS, Solmaz Purser shares how you can leverage ITIL’s CDS to meet the work demands in the new normal workplace.

ITIL’s CDS and Workplace Shifts

People spend hours reaching their workplace and running back home. Now that commute time has minimized to reaching your study table on the other side of the bed. However, while you are saving time, other challenges are erupting. For instance, how do you improve team bonding or get work done when you cannot monitor team members in person? Here are the ways:

Managing Work Relations

As a service manager, you will manage several stakeholders at the same time. Confined to an apartment with no possibility of meeting new people can increase frustration. These personal issues can filter down to your work relationships. When both parties are highly disappointed, it is best to conclude at a later stage. Let both calm down, and then message through a neutral forum. You can also call up the stakeholders to peacefully clarify your stance.

Creating a Unique Culture

People make workplace culture. As a service manager, you must try to create a positive environment. Each will have their own work style. Though you get work done faster, you cannot assume that it will work for other individuals in the team. Encourage social activities like board games, quizzes, and movie marathons to understand your team’s positive and negative aspects.

Value Stream Management

You get food as the value after purchasing ingredients, chopping vegetables, cleaning them, and cooking for optimum taste. ITIL’s CDS can enable you to eliminate tasks that do not add value to your outcome. It would also help in boosting appropriate resource bandwidth utilization. The results could also be shared with the rest of the stakeholders to improve transparency in management.

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