Using Open-Source Tech? Keep 5 Factors in Mind

Open-source tech is helping developers worldwide to connect and fast-track innovations. Not everyone is associated with big firms, nor can every startup spare budgets. Meanwhile, open-source tools are easy to get, affordable, and nobody would be breathing down your neck with legalities. But, you must have some understanding of how these free platforms work. In this article at TechBullion, Angela Scott-Briggs shares five factors that you should keep in mind when using open-source tech.

Factors Regarding Open-Source Tech

Read Documentation Carefully

No matter what type of product you use, you usually go through the manual to have optimum benefits. You should do the same for open-source tech as well. Sometimes, in-hand documentation is not enough, so go online and dig a little deeper.

Don’t Depend on Customer Service

Unlike the licensed products, free technologies do not provide customer support. Since the creator is giving it for free, you will not have the luxury of formal customer support to help you out. However, you can directly contact the developer or connect with other users on a common forum for troubleshooting.

It Is More Than Free

The open-source tech will have a free or community version. But, developers also have a paid version to get some revenue for their hard work. The upside is, they also provide customer support with the premium versions.

Cyber Risks Are Rampant

Open-source tech will have cybersecurity issues, though licensed products are also susceptible to cyber-attacks. If you do not look out for these risks, your project might derail even before the kickoff meeting. Perform vulnerability tests and install firewalls to address this issue. Otherwise, hackers will get hold of your data soon.

More Updates Than Paid

The open-source tech has more updates than the licensed versions because users will have full access to the entire tech stack. Who knows? You might get a better system than the original version because you will have several communities to support you.

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