Vital Project Management Takeaways for Aspirants

Success is the byproduct of multiple mistakes and learning a lesson from each one of them. Over the years, project managers gain many sweet and sour experiences that shape them into experts to lead by example. In this article at Project Smart, Duncan Haughey shares the outcome of such good and bad experiences to share with your teams. Help them avoid or overcome project pitfalls by extending your past experiences.

A Look Back to Learn

Here is a list of advice for young aspirants joining project management teams:

Pay Attention

Listening is critical to understand and encode the message speaker is trying to convey. Show respect to the effort extended by an individual by sharing views and always acknowledge the speaker. Give the nod, maintain eye contact, and share a response if required.

Accept Flaws

Most often, you remained ignorant of what has been discussed in the meetings. Indeed, you regret not listening to the experts now. The consequences of ignorance can pass on to the teams to set an example by accepting shortcomings.

Team Discussion

Not all of us can manage to take out time to sit and share experiences with teams. Each handpicked candidate in your group has become a part of the project by showcasing their knowledge and business acumen. To make use of it, you must listen to their points of view and make strategic use of it to balance your decisions.

Risk Mitigation

Project teams must learn to mitigate risks. However, a pessimistic attitude will lead to team breakdown. Each individual in the group must be aware of the existing threats and be open to mitigate them. Always review the emerging issues in the project twice with the clients and with your technical team.

Stop Pleasing

To prevent conflicts, project managers often end up pleasing people. However, you can form a productive project team by being upfront with the clients, team members, and stakeholders. Be open about the actual scenario to find a feasible solution to overcome the roadblocks.

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