Ways to Build an Effective ITSM Training Model

Developing and implementing an overall IT Service Management (ITSM) training strategy is critical to any ITSM implementation program. Service management training ensures that all IT employees and other key stakeholders have the appropriate knowledge and skills to effectively perform their duties. Are you wondering how to conduct the training? In this article at ITSM Tools, Jakob Diness explains the critical attributes for creating a successful teaching model for ITSM.

How to Develop a Training Model

Map the Activities

When you implement ITSM processes within the organization, most employees support multiple processes. They wear multiple hats that include supporting incident management or performing a change management activity. To understand every team member’s work process, map the process activities. This mapping exercise helps in developing a robust training model.

Determine the Existing Skills

Identifying the existing process and skills of the employees is crucial while developing a training plan. Conduct assessments, audits, and interviews of each employee to determine how well employees perform ITSM tasks.

Create a Flexible Training Environment

“The delivery of the content, examples, case studies, activities, and assignments needs to be adjusted based on the participants’ experience and skill levels,” explains Diness. Instructors must also build exercises to ensure employees’ progress.

Develop Training Plans

If your organization is just embarking on its ITSM journey, you must plan the training strategy around the overall program. This training program can be an ITIL foundation certification course or ITIL executive overviews. These programs will serve as the internal consultant to the ITSM program. For experience-based training, create a series of exercises with a more realistic experience for a real-world situation. The content must be focused on being prepared for various situations.

Build your training strategy early on in the ITSM program. Additionally, ensure your employees are adequately prepared to perform process activities once you provide different levels of training. To read the original article, click on https://itsm.tools/how-to-develop-a-teaching-model-for-itsm/.

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