Will Mobile App Growth Help Future Businesses?

Mobile app growth has increased by 31 percent in 2021. The apps are mostly related to gaming, eCommerce, and fintech sectors. How does this affect or influence other sectors? Is it a positive sign for businesses that use or are in the said industries? In this article at IT Brief, Ryan Morris-Reade shares details of the Mobile App Trends Report 2021.

Analyze Mobile App Growth

In 2020, mobile app growth was 50 percent throughout all verticals year-over-year.  The analysis was based on the top 2,000 apps of app development firm Adjust. In addition, they recorded the apps’ “installs, sessions, time spent in-app, retention, and re-attribution rates”. “The app economy experienced immense growth in 2020, as people all over the world realised the benefits of mobile in many aspects of their daily lives,” explains co-founder and CEO Paul H. Müller.

Müller attributes this positive mobile app growth to people understanding the advantages of using mobile apps. Though it is helping the mobile marketers to reach new users, they also face steep competition. To up the marketing game, business owners must use automation and analyze in-app behavioral patterns of users and visitors.

Learn the details of the report to get a more accurate picture:

Report Overview

YoY mobile app growth regarding fintech was 51 percent in 2020.Installs have increased by 12 percent from 2020 because people are using trading apps like Robinhood, Gatsby, and Acorns.Since customers are leverage digital banking and payment gateways, sessions have increased by 85 percent.Gaming for hyper-casual has risen by 43 percent as against 26 percent for non-hyper-casual.Though the eCommerce sector realized only a 6-percent growth, sessions have increased by 44 percent.The eCommerce platforms have experienced the highest session spike of 23 percent YoY between the end of February and March beginning.

With the advent of iOS14, the mobile ecosystem will become all the more competitive. Your mobile app growth will stay positive if it can make strategies based on data and becomes more user-friendly.

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