4 Rules to Have Better Stakeholder Interactions

Stakeholder interactions are necessary to move your project forward. However, all have their preferred communication modes and channels. For instance, your team members would like more verbal instructions, while sponsors would want emails or reports. You must acknowledge their preferences for better response and engagement. In her blog article, Susanne Madsen shares four rules you should have for better stakeholder interactions.

Developing Stakeholder Interactions

You do not want to learn about stakeholders’ communication preferences in the middle of a conflict or crisis. So, Madsen suggests you pose questions like “How would you like me to communicate with you? And how would you like me to escalate issues to you?” beforehand. Ask this to every stakeholder, and you will be surprised how each would have a different inclination. Then, to make it easier, follow these four rules for better stakeholder interactions:

Stick to the Topic

Ensure that you stick to the topic where you need to clear the air the most. If you handle multiple projects with overlapping stakeholders, divide the content based on the projects for easy reference. Club the tasks, details, decisions, and so on, per the topic, though.

Process and Arrangement

When you move deeper into the topic, processes naturally come as a next step. They are a roadmap or workflow that includes “time, duration, sequence, control points, and roles and responsibilities,” explains Madsen.

Collaboration and Actions

At this stage, you communicate what actions you expect the team members or executives to perform. For continued stakeholder interactions, you must let all know their roles and responsibilities. Those would vary as things get more complex. Continue to modify and maintain transparent goals throughout the project life cycle.

Empathy and Understanding

None of the project managers have been trained to show emotions correctly. However, it is people, not processes, that run your project. So, you must show empathy when needed. Share your feelings, insights, and misgivings to help team members resonate with you more.

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