Brilliant Tips to Reduce Project Dependencies

Project managers dread project dependencies because those are unpredictable and can grow in size in seconds. The more projects you have with overlapping resources, the more complex it becomes. It can also be a software or a stakeholder withdrawal that affects the results. So, you must have some contingency plan arranged. In this article at the Digital Project Manager, John Carter shares how you can address or reduce project dependencies.

Lessening Project Dependencies

Manage project dependencies like risk management because these are not always under your control. Divide the project dependencies based on the risk they might cause like technical, partner, market, internal, resource, suggests Carter. Here are other ways to reduce these bottlenecks:

Team Bandwidth

You assign tasks to your team members with a timeline, but have you checked if the individual is not stuck somewhere? So, set regular checkpoints. Use a RACI chart to help you get more visibility into the team tasks and roles.


With critical path methods, you would understand where your project dependencies are. Especially if you are working on several projects simultaneously. Another method is to have release plans. You can split the project into easy smaller tasks which help you deliver requirements one after the other.

More Help

Always assume that all projects will have project dependencies and proactively find them out.Segregate your assumptions into categories like ‘partners’, ‘tasks beyond your control’, etc., to analyze project health better.Meet other unit or project heads to understand the interconnected project landscape.Be clear about your accountabilities and the roles you want others to perform.Have a check on project dependencies and coordinate the same to others involved.Set an escalation channel to help you discover bottlenecks. It will be easier to figure out whom to reach out to instead of allocating a resource for the discovery.

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