Can CIOs Transform Corporate Work Culture with IT?

How does technology empower people to make swift decisions? Is it possible to form an innovative work culture with advanced technologies? Can technology bring great opportunities for the people contributing to company growth for years? For chief information officers (CIOs), frequent changes are nothing unusual. In this article at Dice Insights, learn how to use technology at the forefront with CIOs.

Embracing Automation

In the virtual world of communication, organizations in all industries are open to adopt technical advancement to achieve their strategic goals. Pay attention to the IT leaders making substantial contributions to improving the standards of your corporate setup. They are competent enough to evaluate and strategize the internal environment. Furthermore, CIOs are shifting the board’s attention towards vital issues that require immediate intervention. Cybersecurity, diversity, and inclusion are a few of them.

Agile Execution

Nowadays, many enterprises use technology to design feasible business processes and work policies. Gartner Research VP Elise Olding explains that CIOs have realized the necessity of agility for improved decision-making. They gather and share valuable data with the chief human resource officers (CHRO) for cultural changes. Most HRs prefer to hire professionals with an agile mindset and exposure to digital transformation.

With the escalating pace of advanced technologies, organizations need top industry talent willing to accelerate their speed and productivity per the requirement. Nonetheless, it does not mean CIOs can overtake HRs. Instead, they are open to cooperating with human resources to improve work standards. CIOs are keen to provide a skilled workforce to the company using AI technology. They are also as responsible as the human resources team for the cultural upgrade of their companies.

Innovation is fueled by a willingness to change. An effective CIO believes in manifesting cultural change by upgrading enterprise technologies. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://insights.dice.com/2021/05/10/cios-change-company-culture-technology-2/

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