Can IT Graduates Become Part of CIO’s Troop?

Chief information officers form high-performing teams to achieve new heights of success. However, their candidate selection criteria have changed. The industry offers lucrative opportunities to IT graduates specializing in cloud computing, big data, and cybersecurity. In this article at CIO Insight, Shelby Hiter defines the practical skills necessary for IT aspirants.

Eligibility Test

Projected to grow by 531,200 jobs from 2019 to 2029, IT graduates need technical exposure to become eligible for upcoming opportunities. Start acquiring practical knowledge following the instructions of top CIOs and IT leaders:

Must-Have Skills

The IT graduates must have strong technical aptitude and resilience to survive any professional obstacles. Being a newly graduated candidate, most of you have theoretical knowledge that is not valuable unless used for practical operations. IT leaders can prepare you for the business world by nurturing your skills.

Demonstrate knowledge and passion for joining their team. ISBX co-founder and president Arthur Iinuma suggests practical experimentation of coding languages like Java, HTML, CSS, and C++. You must also understand C#, Python, AngularJS, and Ruby to address real-world digital glitches. Data analysis is another significant area of attention for CIOs.

Business Acumen

IT professionals must know the emerging business trends, compliance rules, and ideas to resolve problems. Acquire soft skills to develop collaboration with teammates and employees from other departments. The chief information officers will assess your proficiency to join the team by giving you a hypothetical situation. Think about the prospects of overcoming the problem by fixing a technical error. Use interpersonal negotiation to define a solution and get the job. Try to get project management experience before facing the CIOs for your dream job.

Improved Soft Skills

The talent acquisition team will evaluate your eligibility per your learning, communication, and other soft skills. Stay updated with the ongoing IT trends and be ready to contribute to the team’s growth. CIOs wish to have a team player that can offer innovative solutions and become a pillar for support to all.

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