Check False Sustainability Claims to Preserve Nature

Revolutionary IT products lead to environmental sustainability and protection. By using unconventional methods to bridge market gaps, IT companies are creating path-breaking products. Certainly, accelerated business growth is the primary objective of all organizations. However, sustainability is the key to build the core capabilities of an eco-friendly product. Sadly, some IT product manufacturers are taking advantage of the cause. They are using false certifications to prove the sustainability of their products. In this article at IT Brief, Shannon Williams brings attention to the emerging risks of greenwash.

Take Preventive Measures

According to a recent TCO Development report, the product manufacturers mislead consumers about their IT product being environment-friendly. So, many users remain unaware of the risks associated with the product. Meanwhile, the workers in the IT supply chains work in a dangerous environment. Employees working in the electronics and IT industries are likely to be exposed to tech toxicity.

The Academy for Human Rights in Business CEO Parul Sharma shares details of a global study of online environmental claims. Product verification is essential to prove sustainability efforts. About 40 percent of IT product manufacturers used false or misleading certifications to prove their sustainability.

Brand Reputation

Enterprises using false certifications are influencing brand reputation, stakeholder credibility, and employee health. According to an Oregon state official, government and public organizations spend their maximum budget on IT purchases. The supply chain loopholes will disrupt business growth and the resilience of environmental and supply chain impacts.

The proof of environmental and supply chain impacts is essential for companies investing in IT products. In the plethora of false claims and certifications, finding the right product is hard.

Consumers face difficulty in verifying products that are genuinely making a tangible impact on the environment. Greenwashing capitalizes on lack of awareness. Even if you try to make sustainable decisions, you may end up investing in products making false claims. So, be skeptical of products that advertise to be eco-friendly. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://itbrief.com.au/story/greenwash-false-claim-risks-high-amongst-it-report

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