CIOs Applying Technology to Overcome Household Woes

Technology has become the lifeblood of working professionals in the coronavirus epidemic. Its growing usage to accomplish specific tasks and business operations have made it crucial to learn and embrace technology. From social media channels to daily work routines, technology has become a significant part of people’s lives. Additionally, it has many advantages that you can try it at home. In this article at CIO Dive, leading IT leaders recommend using business technology in personal life to prevent common family troubles.

Counter Crises

CIOs worldwide have been using technology to resolve business issues for the past couple of decades. However, not many of them use it to improve home chores. Thomas Donnelly, CIO of BetterCloud, has installed enterprise-grade cybersecurity to guard his family network. He also advises using advanced technology to detect unusual issues. For instance, machine learning helped him discover the allergens causing skin rashes to his son. Avoiding them improved his skin condition.

Be Agile At Home

Some CIOs are also playing the most complicated role of a mother. Organizing personal and professional life alongside online classes of kids is exasperating. Agile transformation helped the CIO of global retail markets at Liberty Mutual Insurance. Monica Caldas is using agile practices at home to breaking down her tasks into small sprints. Using the KANBAN board, she is strategizing important work-life events for the next two to three weeks. She has a tool kit that comprises advanced technologies to automate anticipated tasks. Technology helped her stay organized even under immense work pressure. Likewise, Lara Caimi, chief customer and partner officer at ServiceNow, leverages technology to engage clients while competently juggling between work and parenting tasks.

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