Desktop-as-a-Service: A Cost-Reduction Imperative

The remote working model has increased the cost of IT infrastructure. Even the rage of hybrid working has been projected to increase cloud spending. According to a recent CIO Insight report on a Gartner webinar, IT spending will intensify in 2021 and touch about $3.9 trillion by the year-end. John-David Lovelock, a Gartner analyst, forecast a consequent upsurge in cloud spending. In this article at CIO Insight, Drew Robb explains how to adopt a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) approach to address budget concerns.

Easy to Switch

Most organizations have limited IT resources available to address the emerging concerns of the remote workforce. Additionally, no one wishes to have additional hardware and software in such circumstances when operating from distributed locations.

Implementation of DaaS may not be a challenge for IT companies if you have the right experience and strong security infrastructure. Cox Business Cloud Solutions’ senior product marketing manager Chris Pierdominici believes a competent managed service provider (MSP) can ease the task of DaaS installation.

Right Tool Selection

Cloud-hosted desktops are easy to relocate, safeguard, repair, and upgrade. According to a Gartner survey, 74 percent of CFOs anticipate remote working as a prolonged trend that will last even when the pandemic ends. Desktop-as-a-Service is feasible for employees working on office laptops or their own devices. It reduces the service desk’s task of addressing remote desktop management and support. Furthermore, it facilitates flexibility in the most challenging circumstances.

A Forrester Research analyst, Andrew Hewitt, suggests that DaaS offerings gradually involve a host of services that enables your organizations to facilitate employees with their choice of technologies and apps. These systems are either stationary or provisional, depending on the users’ requirements. For example, you can customize your desktops or store local data on it.

When picking a DaaS provider, make sure their services complement your requirements. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.cioinsight.com/it-management/covid-19-driving-desktop-as-a-service-adoption/

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