Diversity, Inclusion, ESG: The New CIO Hiring Rules

Do you aim to get the prestigious role of a CIO? Well, it is time to revisit your outdated rulebook. The new wave of equality and sustainability has changed the selection criteria of IT leaders. Nowadays, multinational companies are not limiting themselves to advanced technologies, data management, and digitization. They are also contributing to environmental protection and social equality causes. In this article at Chief Investment Officer, Michael Katz defines the path to transform chief information officers and their hiring norms.

Leadership Masterstrokes

The coronavirus epidemic has challenged not only the business operations, but has also encouraged the need for social and environmental transformation. As a result, CIOs participating in the mission to business transformation and get the due attention of talent acquisition groups.

Shift in Focus

According to a panel at the recent CIO’s 2021 Symposium, recruiters believe that the 2020 events have changed their hiring methodology. Only the candidates with experience in handling diversity and inclusion-related matters are eligible to apply for the CIO role. Exposure to strategic execution of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) would be an added benefit for the applicants. Even the clients that were skeptical of hiring CIOs through virtual interviews have managed to adapt. Their only requirement is to hire candidates that are skilled in addressing emerging issues.

Elizabeth Havens, a partner at David Barrett Partners, suggests assessing candidates’ diversity and inclusion mindset. Their search is not limited to the CIOs responsible for carrying multiple responsibilities apart from IT. They are also looking for candidates willing to embrace diversity and inclusion.

Meanwhile, Jeff Warren, co-head of Russell Reynolds Associates’ private equity remarks elaborates, ESG has become a significant part of today’s business strategy. Without acquiring the mindset of improving the environment and social culture, organizations cannot move forward.

By changing the candidate selection criteria, hiring agencies are making meaningful contributions to the corporate sustainability standards. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.ai-cio.com/news/diversity-inclusion-esg-are-key-focuses-for-headhunters-seeking-cios/

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