Facing CMDB Issues? 3 Ways to Neutralize Them

Configuration management database is essential for enterprises that want to increase the level of their ITSM maturity. However, many organizations are still struggling to handle it efficiently. Are you facing the same CMDB issues? In this article at ITSM.tools, Stephen Mann shares three ways to neutralize some of your CMDB issues.

Mitigating CMDB Issues

According to AXELOS’s ITIL 4 Practice Guide, 2020, a configuration management database is “A set of tools, data, and information that is used to support the service configuration management practice.” Today, the service configuration management needs automation for better IT service management. So, here are the three ways you can neutralize CMDB issues:

Infrastructure as Code

You will find several guidelines on ITIL 4 guidebooks. For instance, the High-velocity IT Managing Professional publication uses phrases like “infrastructure as code” to explain “the practice of using the CMDB or CMS to drive change.” Use the infrastructure tools like Vagrant, Ansible, etc., to find the CMDB issues and not the other way around. If you find a difference between the recorded and actual infrastructure, your configuration management database is working fine.

Real-Time CI Data

Is one of the CMDB issues related to outdated CI data? No doubt your configuration management database has recorded everything perfectly, but it is of no use because the data is obsolete. What if you had a way to record CI data in real-time? With automation, it would be easier to get the latest updates from your database.

Quality Over Quantity

Do you save everything on your CMS? Then, there is a probability that you will not get the exact results at the right time. Save only that information that would enable you to fast-track decisions. It should help you in “impact analysis, cause and effect analysis, risk analysis,  cost allocation, and availability analysis and planning.”

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