Future of Work: Impact on Project Professionals

Currently, the ‘future of work’ is a hot topic. According to the Talent Gap report from the Project Management Institute, the ‘future of work’ is a talent revolution. There are significant shifts happening today concerning what people are demanding of their employers and how they plan to work. In this article at TechRepublic, Esther Shein shares insight into this PMI report.

What Does the Report Reveal?

The Talent Gap report predicts that by 2030 global economy will need nearly 25 million new project professionals due to economic growth. The report also finds that there will be a rise in demand for professionals with project management-oriented skills. Additionally, to close the gap and keep up with the demand, nearly 2.3 million project managers and changemakers will need to fill these roles every year.

The PMI report also indicates that industries including manufacturing and construction, publishing and professional services, management and professional services, utilities, and oil and gas are increasingly becoming project-oriented. Growth in all these sectors will undoubtedly lead to greater demand for project management skills.

According to the report, the talent gap is likely to impact every region. This can result in a potential loss of up to $345.5 billion in global GDP by 2030, if jobs go unfilled.

How to Respond?

The ‘future of work’ will be more ambiguous, intense, faster, and competitive than ever before. Therefore, enterprises will need people who are skilled, motivated, and committed. The best response is to be proactive and holistic. Organizations must create a kind of environment where people cannot imagine working anywhere else. Creating a compelling culture, fostering team relationships, and developing your trustworthy leadership will help organizations retain top talents. Additionally, “organizations will need to champion new learning initiatives and explore partnerships to equip employees with the necessary project management skills,” says Shein.

To read the original article, click on https://www.techrepublic.com/article/25-million-new-project-professionals-are-needed-by-2030/.

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