Here Are Change Management Guidelines from Top CIOs

Changes are healthy but not effortless. The journey starts with multiple roadblocks and downsides, but only the skilled professionals survive the storm. Leading frequent transformations is far more challenging now more than before. IT leaders and CIOs play a significant role in change management because they are habitual of it. In this article at the Enterprise Project, Ginny Hamilton shares significant tips for IT leaders to become the master of change.

How Is It Possible?

Employees are adjusting to several changes since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Nonetheless, CIOs are leading the effort for over a year. They are experts in accepting change. Follow these change management steps suggested by technology leaders to achieve great results:

Be Future-Ready

CenterPoint Energy VP of IT Shachella James believes the IT workforce is ever ready for changes. It is the CIOs’ job to plan and imbibe a future-ready mindset. They must champion inclusivity, adaptability, and digitization. Restructure your work pattern to upscale your staff’s capabilities to adopt changes. Make them growth-oriented by accelerating transformational efforts.

Take a Plunge

Brad Breau, SVP and CIO of Tokio Marine HCC, explains the significance of a cultural change. Accepting uncertainties is the key to prepare for unforeseen modifications. Empathize with the employees incapable of embracing change.


IT leaders must learn to communicate the changing plans to their teams. It would help the crew prepare for its after-effects. Jason Lu, CTO of CSAT Solutions, says his change management approach is to innovate, consolidate, streamline, automate, and digitize. All these are crucial components of change.

Build Trust

Rice University’s International Operations CIO and VP Klara Jelinkova emphasizes that trusting employees’ ideas can change an organization’s future. Your faith in their capabilities will encourage them to take the risk of experimenting. Let them try, fail, and repeat to be change-ready.

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