How Can CIOs Achieve 2021 Sustainability Targets?

As a CIO, the decisions you make now will influence the future. From IT infrastructure to investments in automated tools, you must make effective decisions to reduce your carbon footprint. So, accelerate sustainability goals and gift a promising future to the next generation. In this article at InformationWeek, Lisa Morgan explains how CIOs can meet socio-economic responsibilities without affecting the environment.

The Influx of Data Carbon

Federal agencies are taking substantial measures to reduce carbon emissions. Nonetheless, the growth of cloud computing across various industries has fueled the inflow of data carbon footprint. Though many organizations are striving to reduce it, digital devices are escalating it.

Access Partnerships’ head of CO2 emissions practices Gordon Mackay advises that by 2030, the technology sector must reduce carbon emissions by 50 percent. Additionally, government must collaborate with their regional companies to take practical steps. However, top technology companies are spending only 4 percent of their annual budget on sustainability initiatives.

Hopes from the CIOs

Chief information officers must identify environment-friendly substitutes to drop carbon emissions. Sarah Pope, Capgemini’s VP of the Future of Technology, proposes to keep track of energy costs. CIOs can address the problem by adopting green data centers. Additionally, They must collaborate with CFOs to initiate cost-effective environment, social and corporate governance (ESG) operations.

It is essential to maintain transparency with consumers to spread awareness about the data carbon footprint. Escalating demands for advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are causing severe environmental issues. CIOs can promote a culture of sustainability by monitoring the usage of such techniques. Embrace sustainable technologies within your team as the first step towards a sustainable future. Make it a mission to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to preserving nature. Systematic efforts by the IT industry can significantly reduce energy consumption.

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