How Empathy Can Generate More Team Productivity

Team productivity has increased in the pandemic mainly because of job loss fear. Some of the employees have not even taken sick leaves for the same reason. While anxiety can force your crew to work after hours, that is not an effective long-term team productivity strategy. In his blog article, Kiron Bondale shares how empathy can generate more team productivity.

Empathy for Team Productivity

Healthy competition among team members boosts team productivity. However, showing empathy is perceived as a symbol of weakness and is often defined as a devious move. Sentiments such as these cannot help build trust among team members. Your people must feel free to talk about their concerns without the fear of being rebuked or talked down.

Introducing Psychological Safety

Here are how you can introduce empathy to generate more team productivity:

Discuss with the team how kindness and empathy are important for the workplace culture. Encourage people to be compassionate with their fellow team members.You should be the role model for kindness. It is you that set the standard of their work behaviors in their formative years.Make empathy part of your daily standups to increase team productivity. For instance, describe how a team member helped another without even having to ask. This would give out a vibe that this is acceptable behavior in the team culture.Not everything is about money or materialistic returns. It can be a simple acknowledgment of the help you received. “Thank you, I appreciate what you are doing!” is sometimes enough to make a person feel rewarded.Discourage any behavior that would destabilize the psychological safety you have created to boost team productivity.

To research further, Dr. Timothy R. Clark has four stages of the psychological safety model. Out of these, the first three steps—inclusion, learner, and contributor—are where you should apply empathy.

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