How Is Digital Transformation Navigating the Storm?

Digital transformation is a COVID-19 prerequisite. It has brought dramatic yet productive changes to business operations. No wonder the post-pandemic world will see a new set of IT careers and business opportunities. In this article at CEO World, Sophie Ireland defines the purpose of digital transformation and the roadmap to profitable IT projects.

Survive the Storm

Most enterprises are readjusting their business model and tech budget to suffice the needs of the remote workforce. Layoffs and revised security infrastructure remain top priorities for corporates. According to a KPMG CIO Survey 2020, more than 75 percent of organizations have increased their budget to support distributed employees and protect digital assets.

Now, most companies are focusing on improving annual revenue to cover last year’s losses. An increased profit margin will help them invest in advanced technologies and automated tools to reduce human effort. Nonetheless, just 27 percent of business leaders are sure to achieve the desired ROI in the next couple of months.

Valuable Measures

Digital transformation is a necessity to thrive in the post-pandemic condition. Some organizations are struggling to incorporate it, though. Take a look at the areas where digital transformation can bring remarkable developments:

Meeting customer’s expectations is a rule of thumb. Frequent virtual interactions, automatic reverts to queries, and a range of other options are making it easy to woo consumers. Advanced technologies are reducing human effort in time-consuming activities. As a result, employees can utilize their skills to brainstorm innovative ideas.Employees are the support system of an organization. To fulfill their requirements, companies should install an HR solution that features AI. Even machine learning (ML) and augmented reality (AR) can help in meeting talent requirements. Advanced technologies are effective in lifting the standards of employee soft skills training.Digital transformation gives you the vision to see emerging risks and business opportunities. So, you can take preventive measures and form strategies to overcome possible threats to your venture. In a digitally agile organization, departments exchange data for collaboration. Advanced analytics tools with AI and ML can help companies project and incorporate emerging trends to boost business growth. It helps them seize new opportunities and mitigate potential threats to the company.

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