How to Effectively Communicate Change

Communication plans matter in your projects because effective communication is crucial to project success. Knowing how to effectively communicate change helps in establishing a solid plan. Change communication is the informational component of the change management strategy that helps stakeholders understand what is changing and how it will affect them. In this article at PMWorld 360, Paul Kesler explains how to communicate the change to the team members.

Change Management and Communication

Select Credible Leaders

Organizations must select credible leaders to deliver messages. This should be someone who has a good rapport with the management and C-suite executives. Additionally, enterprises must not send out leaders to talk about change unless fully informed, committed to change, and prepared thoroughly for the presentation.

Have Face-to-Face Communication

It is not merely enough to send out broadcast announcements or emails. Remember, the human side of change is very impactful. Body language, voice reflections, and facial expressions are critical in getting the whole message across. In addition, responding to questions can help clear the air and keep the rumor mill in check.

Keep Communication Constant

If you communicate once and expect acceptance for change, it just won’t work. Constant communication helps sustain and coordinate efforts to make the change sustainable. Employees must know change is essential, and they must continue their efforts on change.

Creating A Communication Plan

Communication type: Project kick-off meetings, requirement review meetings, employee, customer, stakeholder, and sponsor meetingsFrequency: Once a week, month, or bi-monthlyMode of communication: Face to face, webinar, or emailAudience: Internal and external stakeholders, supplier, vendor, and team members

Some industry experts believe that project managers or business leaders must not over-communicate. However, prioritize the quality of communication over the number of times you connect with your employees. Take the time out to plan out your communication strategy. Review and refine your message. Finally, check how your messages are resonating and tweak them to meet the business objectives. To read the original article, click on https://www.pmworld360.com/blog/2021/06/10/project-communication-plan-how-to-effectively-communicate-change/.

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