Is Digital Transformation Reshaping Project Management?

Going digital is inevitable for businesses striving for growth. But, what does it take for project managers to ace digital transformation in the rapidly changing environment? IT leaders must have a clear roadmap to accelerate the digital initiative at their organizations. In this article at Small Business Trends, J. T. Ripton explains the benefits of digital transformation in project management and how it helps managers achieve project success.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

Strategic Communication

One of the areas in which modern digital technology is redefining project management is cross-team communication. Traditional tools like emails fail to support real-time dialogue. In fact, some crucial information can easily get buried within the endless email chains. On the contrary, collaborative work management software allows team members to engage, connect, and interact across departments. It can significantly cut down on email clutter. With effective work management software, “the team has better access to content, and managers have a better overview of the entire process,” says Ripton.

Data-Driven Decisions

Digital transformation in project management allows managers to track and quantify everything their team members do. The analytic reports help them keep projects on track and effectively budget the cost. Furthermore, project managers can easily break down the data sets for stakeholders and executives. This gives stakeholders better insights into the project, its business impact, and the ROI. Further, managers can plan future initiatives and make critical strategic decisions.

Focus on Results

Digital transformation automates workflows and coordinates traditional project management tasks like scheduling. This allows managers to focus on strategy optimization and project delivery. With more digital tools and automated processes, project managers can identify the best ways to align each project with their businesses’ goals and strategies. This allows the project teams to deliver more successful outcomes with a customer-centric project management approach.

As technology continues to advance at an exponential rate, organizations must adapt to the digital landscape. Change is not always easy. But, when it comes to the success of your projects, company, and team members, disruption is worth it in the long run. To read the original article, click on https://smallbiztrends.com/2021/06/digital-transformation-project-management.html.

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