Is Sustainability Planning Critical for IT Leaders?

The definition of sustainability has changed in the past couple of decades. It is not limited to focusing on the environment but also involves economic and social responsibilities. Remarkable business sustainability is possible only when companies start proposing people, planet, and profitable initiatives. In this article at ZDNet, Phil Brunkard explains how sustainability improves future and business profitability. 

Future-Fit Agenda

Technology leaders must be skeptical of the impact of sustainability on the future. Indeed, you have other priorities to deal with as an IT leader. However, you must know how sustainability can address our present needs without sacrificing the environment necessary for future generations. It is your duty as a technology leader to include sustainability in your strategies. Cloud services are widely accepted for their sustainable nature. However, the IT industry can contribute more than only maintaining “green data centers.”

Post-Pandemic Policy

Suppose you aim to have a better future, layout a sustainable work plan that integrates an innovative approach to heal and preserve the environment. Eliminate waste by adopting smart automation technologies to eradicate organizational waste. Assess, experiment, and uncover agile tech investment opportunities to protect valuable natural resources like rare earth metals.

Accelerate adoption of bioleaching, a natural process of metal extraction from their ores using living micro-organisms. Additionally, technology leaders must network with suppliers to offer recycled rare metals. Such effective measures can bring significant changes to present IT sustainability policies. Therefore, nurturing the environment for future generations will be possible.

Incorporate a new set of ideas aimed to address global social and environmental problems. Lead in a way that benefits society and mother earth without affecting your economic performance and targets. Return on investment should not be your prime objective to take the lead role in the ever-progressive IT industry. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.zdnet.com/article/future-fit-tech-leaders-must-make-sustainability-a-top-priority/

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