Learn the Difference Between IT Help Desk and Service Desk

IT help desk and service desk are often interchangeably used. Are the two concepts the same? Well, it may be challenging for you to keep track of relevant frameworks, processes, tools, and acronyms if you fail to understand the terms. Does it matter if you use the term help desk or service desk to describe the IT support you offer? It does. You might be either underselling or overselling capabilities. In this article at The Jerusalem Post, Leo Giosuè explains the difference between the IT service desk and the help desk.

What is the Difference?

IT Help Desk Services

IT help desk services are tech support functions considered to be more tactical than service desk software. IT help desk services provides rapid solutions to end users’ immediate needs, such as resolving technical problems and incidents. Additionally, help desks are reactive but are expected to be fast and efficient. Some of the features of the help desk include:

It acts as a single point of contact for your managed service providers’ (MSP) IT support team. This helps customers know what to do and where to go when they have an issue.It uses a tracking solution for all incoming issues and incidents.It automates ticket tracking and routing.It offers incident and service request management capabilities at a basic level.It provides support at levels one and two. Further, the help desk also transfers incident ownership when escalation is required.It gives end-users basic self-service options.

IT Service Desk

IT service desk serves a broader function than IT help desk services. The service desk is more cross-organizational and strategic. Unlike a help desk that focuses on resolving immediate user needs, a service desk considers the more comprehensive business requirements and context. Additionally, a standard IT service desk manages incidents and service requests while handling all other user communications. The service desk team identifies the opportunities to make IT processes more efficient overall. Some features of IT service desk include:

It is fully integrated with other ITSM processes.It acts as a single point of contact for all IT areas, including business processes and applications.It provides self-service capabilities for incident and service requests while maintaining an integrated service catalog.

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