Quick PM Tips to Improve Email Communication Skills

You cannot be an effective project manager if you do not have proper email communication skills. Meanwhile, you have a lot on your plate like budget, deliverables, etc. So, how do you improve amidst all those responsibilities? In this article at PM Times, Jimmy Rodela shares quick project management tips to improve email communication skills.

Guide to Email Communication Skills

You do not want the team to work without understanding project goals or instructions. For frictionless day-to-day work, you must have clear email communication skills. Here are the ideas to enhance your email communication skills:

Have a Formal Signature

Do you want to command respect? Then you must behave and appear so. Top executives all have signatures that look professional, while those without managerial ranks do not have any. Use reliable tools to record your signature and sync them for official purposes.

Place First Things First

Do you want the team to prioritize specific tasks before and complete others later in the day? Jot those down for them. Do not assume they would understand which jobs you want earlier. With a mounting workload, they might not have time to go through a detailed email.

Give Actionable Direction

Do you often fall in an ever-increasing loop of emails without the necessary actions taking place? Provide your stakeholders the next actionable steps to know what to do once they receive your email.

Arrange Your Points in Bullets

It is easier to check things off a to-do list because the tasks are in bullets or are numbered for easy comprehension. You would display practical email communication skills by bulleting your directions to the team members.

Create a Timeline

Include when you want the task to be done. Some assignments can be completed later, while others need immediate attention. Even if you forget to number them per priority, the timeline should help the team understand which task you want them to do first.

Write Polite

Though you might be a good project manager, being at the bottom of the hierarchy is always a pressure. A sick team member might be working to prevent others from feeling the extra workload. Even if it is a work email, ensure that you do not sound aggressive or demeaning in your emails.

Use Online Help

There are tons of tools out there to improve your email communication skills. Apart from providing crisp, bulleted instructions, you also want to have your grammar straightened out or avoid any typos. 

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