Revamp Office Space for New Normal Collaboration

Though most countries are reopening their physical offices, they are working on hybrid work models and gearing up for new normal collaboration. According to a Mercer report, 94 percent of U.S. organizations already see a boost in productivity. Though one of every four workers would prefer a permanent WFH, collaboration is a necessary part of the workplace culture, per a March Boston Consulting Group report. In this article at ProjectManagement.com, Cyndee Miller shares how you can revamp your office space for new normal collaboration.

Tips for New Normal Collaboration

“A lot of companies underestimate the power of workplace,” observes global workplace design firm M Moser Associates director Kahn Yoon. You might want to work from home from time to time, but do not you miss the team bonding? Since you cannot go back to how the offices functioned before, you must rethink and build office spaces for new normal collaboration. Here are some tips:

Open-Air Workplaces

Salon Alper Derinbogaz created ‘pandemic-resistant’ office spaces. It planned to develop single-story office buildings with open-air and semi-enclosed corridors and balconies. So, while you would save the team from being infected, you can have a perfect open-air meeting place right in your workplace.

Isolated, All-in-One Communities

Guallart Architects has proposed to build cities in Beijing with communities that would have all the amenities. It will range from food production units and energy-efficient lights through solar-paneled roofs to coworking office spaces and 3D printing machines.

Flexible Pods

Google is thinking of increasing new normal collaboration by using a pod system. In this ‘Ikea meets Lego’ concept, employees can rearrange furniture per their needs. The company is also introducing Campfire, a new meeting room concept wherein remote teams can also engage through virtual platforms.

For Group Activities Only

While you do not need to interact with the team for your task, Zoom meetings are tedious. So, architecture firm Woods Bagot proposed to have only team activities like meetings in office spaces to boost new normal collaboration.

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