Should Project Managers Really Wear Multiple Hats?

In the ever-complex and dynamic world of business, a manager handles many responsibilities. Furthermore, their ensuing capacities and skills also require the ability to navigate new ambiguities and budget constraints. In this article at Forbes, Henrich Greve uses the metaphor ‘wearing multiple hats’ to signify the challenges of a project manager’s role.

A Learning Experience

Drawing the example of a publishing executive, Greve explains why you must track profits while monitoring your team’s progress. Certainly, managers are responsible for improving financial performance while making clients and staff satisfied.

Performance Feedback Theory

If a manager handles multiple portfolios while keeping track of several tasks at once, it can create conflicts. The ground rule of managing numerous obligations is to wear contrasting hats. You can have clarity of goals by analyzing your performance using feedback theory. Assess the consequences or results of your past performance and compare them with other managers. It may result in strategic transformations that only you can initiate. It is time for you to engage in “self-serving responses” devised to avert failure.

A Catch-22 Situation

As a project manager, you must be chasing many goals alongside trying to achieve different objectives. It increases the probability of obstacles. Your assorted performance records prepare you to be a great decision-maker and upscale your multitasking skills. Strategic multi-tasking is an ideal way to achieve a positive impact without sacrificing shareholders’ trust.

Avoid micromanagement and try to develop clear communication within your team. Adjust your schedule in a time-intensive yet invasive manner. It will help you manage many project goals without changing your action plans.

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