Use Emotional Intelligence to Be a Superior PM

Project management is about people management, and all agree. Using emotional intelligence can help you delve into that layer not yet visible in plain sight or which your team is afraid not to discuss with you. However, fear cannot rule for long, so you must learn how to read the underlying meaning of their actions. In this article at Online PM Courses, Mike Clayton shares how you could use emotional intelligence for better project management.

Emotional Intelligence and PM

Emotions drive people. When you muster the ability to understand what drives them, your efforts as a project manager become valuable.

According to Reuven Bar-On’s model, emotional intelligence is about self-esteem, emotional self-awareness, assertiveness, independence, empathy, and social responsibility. It also means interpersonal relationships, stress tolerance, impulse control, reality testing, flexibility, problem-solving, self-actualization, optimism, and happiness.

The popular Daniel Goleman’s model is about how leaders, managers, and working professionals respond emotionally and in a social construct. Project Management Institute has this model in its PMP certification course outline.

EI Awareness and Application

According to Goleman’s model, emotional intelligence has five dimensions—self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. You must keep these in mind while managing a team:

You must know your limitations and shortcomings and get rid of them before expecting others to do the same. Use your self-control and diligence so that the team trusts your suggestions.Social skills are necessary for collaboration, conflict management, and coaching team members to improve their skills. You need to improve your emotional intelligence to do these activities.Not all stakeholders would be supportive or helpful. Instead of feeling frustrated, you must learn to be diplomatic. Listen to them intently to provide them what they exactly want or influence them to get the job done.Some people need more encouragement than others to improve performance. Understand the different personalities you have in your team and their motivation factors.

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