What Are the Various Ways of Risk Mitigation?

You do not want risks to cause trouble in your projects, but you cannot avoid such things from happening. The best way to address such situations is through risk mitigation. But what are the ways you can use that as a strategy to protect your team and organization? In this article at EC-Council Blog, learn the ways you can leverage risk mitigation.

Risk Mitigation Methods

The success of a company depends on how good the risk mitigation plan is. It is part of the risk management approach along with other steps like risk assessment and analysis. Here are the techniques you can use to enable your organization to have a better risk management method:

Acceptance – You recognize the risk in this step but do not take any measures because it is not yet harmful for the organization.Avoidance – For this strategy, you plan to avoid the risk as long as it does not impact the day-to-day operations or becomes a long-term issue.Transfer – The chance of the risk occurring is low, but it could put a dent in your budget. So, you transfer the responsibility of the risk to another unit or role.Reduction – You accept the risk, but you also want to avoid it. So, you implement steps to reduce the risk impact.Monitor – You have detected the risk and are checking it from time to time across the project life cycle.


Figure out the scenarios when risks can evolve. Include your corporate goals, security, employees, etc., in your risk mitigation plan.Assess your risks and determine their levels based on the incidents where you discovered them.Create a checklist to detect the risks whenever they erupt in the project life cycle.Once you detect a risk, maintain a track record of where it is occurring and for which stages or tasks.Monitor closely to evaluate your risk mitigation plan.

Best Practices

Communicate the risks to all departments and your teams.Have a risk management policy in place for the risk mitigation plan to work.Ensure that your stakeholders know about the risks.

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