Why Organizations Are Opting for Hybrid Cloud Options

Research firm Denodo says hybrid cloud options are highly preferred by organizations worldwide for today’s cloud deployment. As of March 2021, 35 percent out of 150 businesses and IT practitioners in the survey chose the hybrid method. The remaining 24 percent selected private cloud, 16 percent public cloud, and 9 percent multi-cloud. In this article at IT Brief, get to know why organizations are opting for hybrid cloud options.

Choosing Hybrid Cloud Options

Organizations’ migration of ‘advanced workloads’ to the cloud in 2021 has significantly risen by 25 percent YoY from 2020. This suggests that companies are feeling more confident about moving their sensitive information to the cloud. While AWS and Azure enjoy a substantial share in the cloud market (65 percent), Google Cloud comes a close second.

Other Benefits

45 percent of the respondents are also using hybrid cloud options to lower investment costs and risks. For 35 percent, utility and pay-as-you-go pricing structure are the main driving factors for choosing this alternative. Self-service capabilities and less dependency on IT support (25 percent), simple procurement (14 percent), and no requirement for a long-term contract (6 percent) are the other motivations.

Use Cases

Organizations think hybrid cloud options could help leverage analytics and infrastructure and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence. More companies are becoming dependent on these advanced tools to keep the lights on. 50 percent of the respondents use several solutions to enable cloud data integration like data lakes, ETL pipeline, cloud data warehouse, and object storage.

Meanwhile, IT processes are being automated through microservices and containers. But, Ravi Shankar, senior VP and chief marketing officer, observes, “organisations often do not have a clear path to cloud adoption”. So, to fully utilize these emerging technologies, you must have a plan before you choose any hybrid or multi-cloud options.

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