Will Remote Working Disrupt IT Service’s Efficiency?

In the ever-challenging situation of the coronavirus epidemic, it is wise to pay attention to your future endeavors. Not only does it help you stay upbeat, but it also gives you direction to overcome emerging challenges. In this article at Gartner, Gloria Omale defines the post-pandemic situation of the service desk as many employees are willing to continue working from home.

Operating Strategy

Knowing the consequences of remote working, customer service and support leaders must make strategic decisions. Before accepting the monumental shift, they must form a seamless approach to execute it.

In the pre-pandemic era, about 72 percent of customer service and support operations were happening in the office. Less than 10 percent of employees used to work from home. Nonetheless, the epidemic has changed it all. Today, the service desk staff is habitual of working from distributed locations. About 70 percent of employees want to keep working from home.

Currently, about 76 percent of customer service and support functions have 80 to 100 remote workforce. Two years down the line, 89 percent of service leaders project 20 to 80 percent of employees will continue working from home.

What’s Next?

Gartner’s Advisory Director, Lauren Villeneuve, believes customer service leaders need to understand employee preferences. Your post-pandemic action may affect employee experience. Develop a suitable solution that lasts for long.

Some IT service organizations took the tough call of “qualifying criteria.” Based on employees’ past performance and tenure, only a few people get work from home, while others get the flexibility to choose work timings. Some companies even arranged informal or temporary remote working. Many service desk employees worked at the office, even in the grim situation of the coronavirus spread.

Although, according to a Gartner survey, the service employees who did not have enough opportunities to work from distributed locations are now getting it. Thereby, about 70 percent of the staff wishes to continue working from home, even once the global crisis ends.

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