5G Benefits That Organizations Will Enjoy Soon

Apart from fast internet connectivity, there are several other advantages to 5G network adoption for any organization. You can also increase your network capabilities to meet the rising customer demands. In this article at Intelligent CIO, Alix Pressley shares how organizations can enjoy 5G benefits soon.

Realizing 5G Benefits

Nokia in Finland recently downloaded files with 8 Gbps speed, one of the many of 5G benefits. Besides, the telecommunications market is going to upscale soon, per IDC research. Operators can use the 5G network for features more than just increasing their service speed. For instance, they can offer a centralized 5G network for corporate use.

Currently, employees are connecting to their enterprise database through applications using their personal network. One of the 5G benefits is that operators can segment the enterprise network that staff members can access from any part of the world. You can leverage this Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) for your organization and make a monthly payment per user. You can also choose additional service levels and endpoint monitoring features from the operators’ offerings.

This would help CIOs protect their corporate network as well as enable the prevalent BYOD culture. Sectors like railways and utilities can also enjoy the 5G benefits leveraging the NaaS services.

Roadblocks to Adoption

Most infrastructures are compatible with 4G network connections only. Since 5G connectivity works on a higher frequency, it is loaded with more data. So, you need more ‘cell sites and fibre backhaul’ to make it work as expected. Due to the pandemic, its adoption rate has slowed down, and many are holding back because of overhead costs.

The same goes for the telecom operators. They need to invest significantly to withstand the market competition. Furthermore, they do not have enough use cases to win enterprise-wide stakeholder buy-ins. Office and educational institutions already have a trusted WiFi network, and rural areas are satisfied with cable internet services. Operators must make price-competitive NaaS models for customers to realize 5G benefits.

Optimizing Connectivity

CIOs should find out where the network connectivity is low and run 5G trials to understand if the new network is beneficial. Though the adoption will be slower for a long time, 5G benefits will enable smart cities and IoT devices. Once the initial hiccups are sorted out, it will bring forth various innovative efforts.

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