Are Your Employees Ready to Adopt the Cloud Culture?

What sets apart the next-generation technology innovation from the present reality? It is the ability to initiate necessary changes. Cloud computing is not just a trend or necessity posed by the global pandemic. It is a work culture that can change the fate of many businesses. Nonetheless, many companies are skeptical of transforming their work culture. In this article at CMSWire, Kaya Ismail defines the emerging trends of cloud culture.

A Strong Pillar

The new work culture of cloud computing has accelerated due to the global pandemic. Cloud services offer significant benefits to business leaders. The cloud allows them to operate from anywhere and anytime based on internet speed. Here are some necessary recommendations to make a smooth cloud transition:

Beefed Up Security

Cloud culture accelerates the flow of information within an organization without hampering client communication. The new work norms necessitate an agile mindset and integration of advanced tools without ignoring security protocols. According to a British security company Sophos, nearly 70 percent of companies suffered cybersecurity breaches after using the cloud for data exchange. Indeed, advanced security measures are crucial to monitor any cloud transition.

Upskilled Staff

Virtual working is a year-old trend that helped many companies continue operations from distributed locations. This work culture has become popular among employees because they can frequently interact with each other. For instance, Gather, a software-only autonomous inventory management platform, has developed a video game-like work environment. Many other technology companies have embraced the same to form a virtual office. To initiate such extraordinary transformations, check employees’ comfort level because some are still adapting to the virtual communication protocols.

Upgraded Policies

Enterprises do not consist of high performers and experienced workers only. Some are digitally inexperienced too. Operating without gender, age, and professional biases is easy. However, bridging the communication gap among employees with little to no exposure to emerging technologies is a huge challenge. Cloud transformation is ineffective if only a limited set of employees are tech-savvy. So, adopt a “technology onboarding policy,” suggests CocoFinder marketing director Harriet Chan. Such a policy ensures the flawless fusion of technically skilled and unskilled employees without affecting your business. You can protect the venture from threat actors by implementing an effective policy.

Improved Defense

To continue experiencing the benefits of cloud-based office culture, upgrade your cybersecurity arrangements. Keep your staff aware of the emerging “social engineering attacks.” Keep them informed about the after-effects of connecting company gadgets with a public network. Adopt a zero-trust policy. Develop a robust security unit to monitor all business operations. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.cmswire.com/digital-workplace/transitioning-from-office-culture-to-cloud-culture/

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