Asked to Manage an Ongoing Project? Takeover Tips

Kickstarting a new project has its perks. You have an idea about how to start it as well as a plan. However, when you are assigned to manage an ongoing project, you have to absorb a lot of information in a short period. Since every leader has an individual style of managing, is it possible to smoothly take over a running project? In this article at the Association for Project Management, Paul Naybour shares how you can hop on an ongoing project and manage it well.

Handling an Ongoing Project

You do not have time to relax and go through all the details in an ongoing project. At best, you can get a documented gist of all the activities. Therefore, prepare a list of items you would prefer to have explained in-person or as a priority. During the handover, you must gather knowledge regarding the following areas:

Project Goals

You should have the goals jotted down in detail to manage the ongoing project. Ask team members, the previous manager, or the coordinator to get the lay of the land before proceeding. Learn about the objectives, checkpoints, and requirements you must take care of for a successful delivery.

Stakeholder Portfolio

How many stakeholders are involved with the ongoing project? Do they frequently provide requests and feedback or leave it to you for direction? Understand their preferred communication channels for everyday and emergency needs.


Have a general idea of what the team is expected to deliver during the handover. Remember to create your own project schedule. There might be some tasks that were not mentioned in the previous timeline. Tasks emerged only when the concerned stakeholders recently asked for them. You do not want to be caught off guard.

Present Roadblocks

Are there any issues that you must address right now? It can be about the working model quality, delivery speed, budget issues, resource migration, technical debt, etc. Find out why the previous manager left this ongoing project without completing it, if applicable.

Resource Skills

Are the current resource skills sufficient to run the ongoing project? Map team capabilities against the project timeline to get your answer. If you need more resources, send a request with specific requirements. You will then have a better chance of completing the ongoing project within the desired timeline and budget.

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