Automotive Security Can Save Cars from Hackers

Almost every device is connected and runs on code. Today, cars are more or less code on wheels with GPS and related technologies. According to a Deloitte report, the connected cars’ share of the market will rise by 22.2 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR), i.e., $32.5 billion in 2025. Cybersecurity must also be an essential part of this race to the top. In this article at CISO Mag, discover how automotive security can save cars from hackers.

Regulating Automotive Security

The majority of today’s cars depend on electric control units (ECUs) operated through over-the-network (OTN) interactions. If you do not have automotive security, hackers can usurp the ECUs and control your transmission and brakes. The interconnectivity will turn into a life-threatening device for users. But before the AI in your vehicle detects possible anomalies, manufacturers must be careful about such loose ends. Automotive security should be ‘proactive and multilayered’.

Proactive Protection

Each component individually, and then with its connection with other units, should be secure. Then, move to the next level and protect the external networks. The next step is to boost the automotive security of your data processing units. Finally, have firewalls for your cloud and backend interfaces and applications.

Here are three crucial goals of automotive security:

Manufacturers must ensure they cover all the points that lure hackers into attacking a vehicle. Data, money, and popularity are the top incentives. Make it hard for threat actors to break into your vehicular network. For instance, apply DevSecOps to enhance automotive security.Install security operation centers (SOCs) to identify and determine attack vectors before it is too late. These real-time detectors could prevent massive data losses, if not the actual breach.Once you find out the vulnerabilities, send updates and patches to repair the broken networks. Vehicle manufacturers must have an incident response management tool to act as fast as possible for their customers’ automotive security.

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