Budding IT Trends: A Bonus or a Setback for Help Desk?

An organization thrives on year-on-year profits, and its customer base is the primary source of income. Its IT help desk is responsible for improving customer satisfaction by understanding and prioritizing their requirements. In this article at IT Brief, Ryan Morris-Reade explains the growing responsibilities of the IT desk amid the global pandemic.

Elevated Operations

Since 2020, companies are operating from remote locations. The help desk has been proactively supporting distributed employees and consumers. According to CompTIA, a non-profit trade association, help desk executives are simultaneously managing multiple tasks. Meanwhile, soaring AI and cloud computing procedures are attracting cyber-attackers. Thereby, the help desk professionals must imbibe advanced skills to manage emerging technologies.

CompTIA Tech analysis senior director Seth Robinson believes that the demand for technical support has doubled the help desk’s responsibilities. Since companies rely on technology in remote working, proactive handling of customers’ queries is the need of the hour. So, the help desk executives are operating at a high frequency, addressing a comprehensive set of problems.

Face the Facts

Per a recent CompTIA survey, IT service desk technical support has ballooned by 70 percent due to cybersecurity issues. Support executives handle about 67 percent of network security and 67 percent of work from home-related matters. The other help desk queries include 60 percent for mobile device issues and 57 percent for software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud computing queries.

Growing responsibilities of the support team have influenced the need for advanced skills. About 76 percent of survey respondents point to cybersecurity, while 71 percent think software management is more crucial at present. Almost 70 percent of respondents cite the need for network support and operating systems professionals. Only 67 percent believe cloud/SaaS and mobile device queries need immediate attention from the support team.

Just by acquiring advanced skills, help desk executives can achieve new heights in their careers. So, take the plunge and change your future from an IT support professional to an industry influencer by improving your skills and networking with large organizations. Grab the emerging opportunities in cybersecurity, software development, and data or project management fields. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://itbrief.com.au/story/help-desk-responsibilities-increase-with-advances-in-ai-cybersecurity-remote-working-and-cloud-computing

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