CIOs, Get the Best Reskilled Talents On Board

Eighty percent of the UK companies will hire more tech talents to leverage emerging technologies like AI, robotics, and cloud computing, per a McKinsey survey. But is not hiring new talents costlier, especially when they have more job opportunities? In this article at Information Age, Neil Purcell shares how reskilled talents, and not just new skills, would help CIOs stay afloat and well amidst the tech revolution.

Hiring Reskilled Talents

According to Accenture, cloud computing is the most sought-after technology because 35,000 job descriptions were posted recently. However, the demand for new tech skills is four times more than the number of available candidates. While graduates dominated the job sector, experienced professionals shifted industries and developed cross-functional proficiencies. These reskilled candidates would benefit companies that would otherwise face acute talent shortages once they start reopening offices. But how would you utilize these reskilled candidates? Here are the tips:

Selection Criteria

There is no doubt you will have some preconceived notions and benchmarks to have a perfect hire. But now is the time to revisit those viewpoints to recruit reskilled talents. Some would have natural instincts for coding, but others might bring to the table out-of-the-box thinking and expertise from other industries. So, do not limit your talent pool just yet.

Recruitment Network

Reskilled talents would eagerly take up roles that fit their future career goals. But they might not know where to look for the right companies. Broaden your search base. Instead of waiting for them to come to you, be available in every reachable network. Apart from job portals, also use social media channels for advertising your recruitment drives.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Remember that these reskilled talents held respectable roles and even senior positions elsewhere. They know how an organization works. They had the time to hone workplace soft skills that fresh graduates will not possess. So, you must do better than just giving them a good pay package. Demonstrate why they would choose you over your rivals. Revamp your EVP to attract the reskilled talents as well.

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