Delegate Roles to Perfect Hybrid Work Meetings

Though companies are planning to open up workplaces, many are opting for a hybrid workplace model. This means that you must conduct more hybrid work meetings. However, try as you may, virtual meetings are not too satisfactory. How do you make them work? In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Kate Yuan and Lori Dernavich share how delegating roles can help conduct better hybrid work meetings.

Conduct Hybrid Work Meetings

All the topics are not discussed in an hour-long virtual standup. The majority of the people are disengaged and speak only when asked to. So, you must ensure that everyone agrees to a decision before taking further action. To top it all, most feel an email would have been enough. To make these hybrid work meetings work for all, assign these roles to the attendees to keep them involved:

4 Roles

Decider – Though everyone should have the right to speak, you cannot please all and have a good solution as well. Instead of calling the shots yourself, designate someone that would ask for votes and decide which options are the best. The individual has to explain the logic behind the decision. Once the verdict is out, ask all about their consent.Mediator – The person would encourage everyone to share concerns and ideas instead of allowing only a few people to decide the course of the project. Jotting down the points, making sure all the topics are discussed, and minimizing off-topic talks are also part of the job. Once the ideas are discussed, the mediator should explain responsibilities. You can have a different mediator every time.Scribe – The decider is narrowing down finalized ideas, and the mediator is delegating responsibilities. A scribe should note all of these and send details to relevant recipients without any delay.Timer – Meetings hardly end in time, and hybrid work meetings are no different. The person can help the team realize if they are dwelling on a single topic for too long. This would allow all to discuss every issue without running out of time.

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